The Albaraca Nursery School in The Gambia has been open since 1997.  It is a UK registered charity and provides nursery education for 170 children between the ages of three and seven.  

The school is located in Sukuta, a medium-sized town in The Gambia, West Africa.  It is a 15 minute drive from the coastal resort of Kololi.

The primary aims of the school are in the provision of quality nursery education, but the charity also aims to support the wider community, for example in the supply of mosquito nets for school age children at the start of the rainy season.

Five of the UK trustees have visited the school (at their own expense) over the last year (2017-8) to see the latest developments and support our headmaster, Mr Salieu Baldeh.  To hear about these visits and other recent news, please visit the School News page.

“Albaraca” means “thank you” in the local Mandinka language.

Welcome to the Albaraca Nursery School, The Gambia